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Little Jessies Letter

"The Glorious Dead"

A Short Sharp Shock ... Of Peace

It just laid there, a voice inside spoke. She pressed the button on the remote control, and everything paused for a while. Momentarily, she stepped outside her door and started to walk. The birds sang their song, the clouds moved across the sky in such a way that was comforting, almost guiding her footsteps, each one safe in the sound of one single breath.
Softly, the wind blew, it caught her eyes and drew a tear, that rolled down her cheek onto the ground below. She looked up and felt the pressence of her surroundings,  not one single human being. There was a lonely peace, and though she felt no sadness, to be alone, she knew, everything was ok, momentarily in that pause, a short sharp shock, of peace.
- inner-sensed