Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Beyond Belief & The Soul Destroyer

Typically enough, it has taken me up until now to get some thoughts down about "current affairs". The whole timing of new Government collab's, Monarchy strong with Religion, The General Climate of Change ... the things that frighten us, the Terror.

Now where is that bowl? Is that the Spoon.... bit bendy but it seems to do the trick in this recipe, doesnt go the way you want it to, chaos, I guess.

Is it really just me who is becoming dis lodged over time into this fight between the tendency to want to scream and the ability to still be able to tolerate how corrupt and awful people can be?!

Think what you like, believe in what you want, their always was saftey in numbers.

Only, when you get a Mental War going on in your head it is so very easy to feel alone. Forever justified and just about always reacting like that small child (they do the job so well!), who is kicking and screaming "it is simply not fair"....

Who threw my toys out of the basket? I lost my dummy a while ago, is big brother behaving for big daddy? because I apparently am not. I have to tow the line, join the queue, save the voucher ..... looking at the didgets in the bank, yet never holding the physical smelly dirty cash.

Dont punish me to hell because I dont believe in your God, would you spare a dime brother? Whats the catch. I do not subscribe to a book or any particular word... dont hate me for it, dont damn me for what I do now as I live and breathe as I walk around in wonder and question, dont destroy me as I live and wake up everyday, for it will influence tomorrow, and tomorrow, I may not be here.